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Loss of Skin Elasticity

As we get older, our skin goes through some dramatic changes which are affected by many contributing factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, sun exposure and gravity. During the ageing process, collagen and elastin production slows down and our skin becomes less firm and begins to droop. Hyaluronic acid – which retains the moisture in our skin to keep it looking plump and youthful – depletes over the years and we can also lose some fat. As a result of these changes, the face can appear drawn and sallow and suffer from a weakening of the muscles.

At WY, we offer a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help lift and tighten loose ageing skin. First things first, you’ll need to meet with our aesthetic doctor for a full consultation and computerised skin analysis. This cutting-edge skin assessment enables us to look at the layers of your skin so that we can see not only existing visible problems but also problems that are likely to appear in the near future. Using this comprehensive information, we’ll work with you to decide on a treatment plan that is best suited to you and your lifestyle.

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Further Information

What happens next?

You first step is to come in for a consultation with our aesthetic doctor. We will ask you for your full medical history and talk to you in-depth about how you feel about your skin, as well as your hopes and expectations for treatment. Once we fully understand your case, we’ll help you decide on a treatment plan that is best suited to you.

At Waterhouse Young, we offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help lift and tighten your skin. To find out more about the different treatment options, click on the treatments below.

Case Study


I’ve always been pretty happy with the condition of my skin but following a stressful year it’s not as plump as it used to be and I’ve really noticed jowls forming. It wasn’t too bad but I wanted to prevent it from getting any worse, if that was possible.


My treatment plan consisted of a course (6 treatments) of radiofrequency (EndyMed) to my lower face. After chatting through everything with the doctor (Saira) and having heard ‘prevention is key’, I decided to include my neck as well. The treatment itself was surprisingly lovely. Rosie, my aesthetic practitioner, cleansed my face and then applied a gel to the area. Once the treatment started, a warmth filled my cheeks as she got to work before moving onto my neck. I think I almost fell asleep at one point!


I started to notice a difference after about 6 weeks and it continued to improve after that. I go back for my maintenance treatments every 3 months or so and that keeps it up. I’m now thinking of doing some body parts in time for the summer!

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