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Formatk IPL Photorejuvenation

Formatk IPL photorejuvenation uses the latest technology to treat concerns such as sun damage and pigmentation, facial redness and thread veins, acne, rosacea and leg veins. By allowing greater control over tip cooling intensity, Formatk delivers a more comfortable treatment with less downtime.

This procedure is very effective at reducing the appearance of sun and age spots on the face, neck, décolletage and hands, targeting melanin in the darkened areas to reveal unblemished skin. The energy delivered causes the pigmented lesions to lighten and fade through your body’s natural healing process, resulting in clearer and healthier looking skin. In addition, performing the treatment stimulates collagen production, helping the skin to look more youthful and supple. The treatment is suitable for most skin types.

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What is Formatk IPL and how does it work?

Formatk uses the most advanced 3D IPL technology to target red blemishes, visible blood vessels and hyperpigmentation. It offers maximum precision with predictable results and minimal downtime.

What happens during a treatment?

Following a full skin assessment, your practitioner will measure the amount of melanin in your skin by using a milo reader before performing a small test patch to observe how your skin reacts. There are different handpieces with different wavelengths which enables us to target the specific depth to treat the pigmented lesion. Once the area has been cleaned, a small layer of gel will be applied. The hand held device is then placed onto your skin before a pulse is delivered. You will wear safety goggles but may still be aware of a bright flash. The entire area will be treated until completely covered. Sun screen will be applied before leaving the clinic.

What is Formatk IPL used to treat?

Formatk IPL photorejuvenation is used to treat sun damage and hyperpigmentation (sun and age spots), as well as facial redness, thread veins, rosacea, acne, leg veins and unwanted hair.

Will my treatment hurt?

Some IPL devices can be rather uncomfortable however, the Formatk utilises the latest technology to control contact cooling, resulting in an extremely comfortable treatment with minimal downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

For any redness, rosacea or hyperpigmentation, we normally recommend 3 to 5 treatments for best results, with a month between treatments. If we are treating acne we will need to see you weekly for 4 to 6 weeks. We will be able to give you more defnitive information during your consutlation.

How much does it cost?

We will discuss your treatment options and proposed treatment plan during your initial consultation, including a full breakdown of the costs. As a guide, for full face rejuvenation, the cost starts at £400 for a single session or £1,600 for a course of 5. Leg veins start at £250 for a single session and £675 for a course of 3. The cost is dependent on the area to be treated and how many treatments are required.

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