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Rosie Waters

Senior Aesthetic Practitioner

Rosie has been with The Waterhouse Young team for over two years. With an impressive 13 years experience in the aesthetics industry coupled with her passion for making clients feel and look great, she has built up a long list of loyal clients which she enjoys treating regularly. Rosie takes great pleasure in working with each client, addressing their skin problems and concerns and offering treatments that give optimum results.

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Q&A with Rosie

What does ‘honest ageing’ mean to you?

It’s all in our approach. I like to think that honest ageing means that we give people the chance to enhance their wellbeing and inner and outer beauty with an honest team that they can trust.

What is your favourite part of your role at WY?

Helping people, making my clients feel good and working with the top skincare ranges and treatments that I fully believe in. For once in my career I can recommend what my client needs and know that they will have the best results possible even in between their appointments.

What do you think is the next big trend in Skin and beauty?

Treating your body as you do your face. The majority of us are guilty of putting our body on the back burner in the past but our body is just a precious as our face and we are seeing signs of it being treated as such.

Why is now the time to have an honest/conscious approach to skin and life?

We are all far more aware of the effects that our daily life have on our skin and health. If we can help to protect our skin, body and mind then we will simply lead a healthier, happier and better life.

What is one tweak you have made to your wellbeing routine that has made a big difference in the last year?

Giving myself some time to do Yoga and Pilates! I have fallen in love with these grounding and energy balancing times in my week, I now feel that I couldn’t do without them.

Your favourite things to do when you are not in the clinic?

I like to enjoy a mix of friends, family, festivals, food, travel, yoga and simply smiling and being happy.

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