WY thread lift

If you have jowls or your face is loosing its elasticity, you'll be thrilled with our non-surgical, instant lift which continues to rejuvenate and improve skin quality. Talk to us about how simple threads do just that……

WY Thread Lift

  • Our non-surgical thread lift is perfect for instantly lifting normally difficult to treat areas such as the jowls – no other treatment works so quickly to give such levels of lift
  • Over time, Silhouette Soft threads stimulate the generation of lost collagen redefining your features whilst maintaining volume, rejuvenating and improving skin quality
  • A very safe and effective treatment with minimal downtime and without even having to entertain the idea of surgery and, even better, results continue afterwards

As we age, skin loses its elasticity and tone. One of the areas where this is most noticeable is our jowls.  Previously surgery was the only option but new technologies, such as radiofrequency, offer a more gentle approach where results are seen gradually over time.  Silhouette Soft offers something different again.  Silhouette Soft gives instant lift without surgery, together with continued improvement for the following three months as collagen is stimulated by the treatment itself: truly a non-surgical facelift.  Client selection is key and we will assess you properly to ensure you are a suitable candidate.  With minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and an instant lift, this really is a favourite.

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What’s next?

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers (below and right) to help you find out more. To discuss your skin concerns, as well as your hopes for treatment, the first step is to book an initial consultation. You can fill out our quick and easy form or call us on 020 7486 3849 and we will be happy to help.

What is a WY thread lift and how does it work? 

Silhouette Soft has a dual lift-and-collagen-regenerating effect.  It is is a unique treatment which is carried out to lift and tighten the skin, in particular in the cheek/jowl areas.  The threads used are made from poly-l-lactic acid which is entirely re-absorbable and has been used for many years in various medical fields such as cardiology. These threads are placed superficially under the skin and tightened to lift the skin giving a very natural and instant result.  Over time the Silhouette Soft threads stimulate collagen production helping to replace lost collagen to redefine features and maintain volume.

What happens during a treatment?

Your aesthetic doctor will administer a local anaesthetic before inserting the Silhouette Soft suture (thread) using a fine needle.  A light pressure will be applied on the treated area to reshape the surface of the skin and to obtain the lifting effect.  We will show you the first side once completed so you can see the difference and to make sure you are happy with the extent of the lift before completing the treatment.

What can WY thread lifts treat? 

Silhouette Soft is used to lift and tighten loose or sagging facial skin.

Will my treatment hurt?

A local anaesthetic is administered into the area to be treated.  Whist it doesn't hurt, it can be slightly uncomfortable at times; a slightly unusual feeling as the area is numb.

How long will my thread lift treatment take? 

The whole treatment takes about an hour.

How much does a WY thread lift cost? 

The cost of the treatment depends on how many threads are used.  Typically four to six threads are used and they cost £600 each.