Infuse your skin (and even thinning hair) with a potent yet nourishing cocktail of power-packed ingredients which we comfortably deliver to your face, décolleté or hands. Whether you'd like to impress at work, socially or generally enjoy a fresher face, you'll love the results from mesotherapy

Prevent, correct and reduce the signs of ageing / Waterhouse Young

  • Unique delivery system safely enriches the skin with a powerful cocktail of hyaluronic acid and vitamins
  • Rejuvenates, hydrates and boosts radiance
  • Suitable for skin on the face, neck, décolleté and hands, as well as for thinning hair
  • Perfect for all skin types, from mature complexions to younger skin with very subtle lines

At Waterhouse Young we offer a variety of anti-ageing treatments and our clients have been particularly delighted with results they’ve experienced from mesotherapy.

This very safe treatment was pioneered in France in the 1950s and continues to be used today to treat medical conditions such as arthritis, migraine, asthma, sports injuries and chronic pain. Mesotherapy has also been used as an aesthetic treatment to great effect for many years. The particular system we have launched is innovative in the way it delivers ingredients into the skin and it is super effective in the treatment of skin rejuvenation and hair loss.

Known as the the mesolift process, we use micro-injections to deliver skin-boosting ingredients into the skin, causing the cells to rejuvenate whilst stimulating natural elastin and collagen production. This not only lessens the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles but also helps prevent new ones from forming. As such, we can treat clients showing the very first signs of ageing as well as those in their sixties and seventies.

This amazing treatment helps reclaim your skin’s radiance, elasticity and firmness and, even better, slows further signs of ageing so you enjoy fabulous-looking skin in the long term.

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What’s next?

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers (below and right) to help you find out more. To discuss your concerns about your skin, as well as your hopes for treatment, the first step is to book an initial consultation. You can fill out our quick and easy form or call us on 020 7486 3849 and we will be happy to help.

What is mesotherapy and how does it work?

This very effective and safe treatment was pioneered by a French physician, Dr Michel Pistor, in 1952, though the basic idea of injecting ingredients into the skin to promote healing can be traced back to 400BC. Mesotherapy was first used for medical conditions and is still used today to treat arthritis, migraine, asthma, sports injuries and chronic pain.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment, consisting of a series of many fine injections which deliver potent ingredients into the skin, over the face, neck, décolleté, and hands, or other treatment area, for example the hair line. Substances are injected in very small quantities directly into the area to be treated and the skin there will effectively act as a time-release delivery system, helping the skin to heal itself.

We use a variety of products to treat differing concerns - the skin rejuvenating booster, for instance, replaces depleted hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the mesoderm (the middle level of the skin) to smooth lines and restore radiance.

The French-made injector we use is considered to be the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently available. Its innovative delivery system allows us to decide on the depth of injection, how much product is injected and the speed at which it is delivered.

What happens during a treatment?

One of our aesthetic practitioners will administer a sequence of micro-injections, using a very fine needle, immediately beneath the surface of the skin (or scalp, for hair loss). There are two phases - first, slow injections and then the next phase is microneedling, which is much quicker. We deliver these mini injections all over the treatment area and then, if you have time, we’ll apply a soothing hyaluronic mask for about 10 minutes to calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Tinted sun protection (SPF 50) will also be applied.

What can mesotherapy be used to treat?

Mesotherapy can be used to treat both fine and deeper lines and wrinkles, increase the tonicity and elasticity of ageing skin and restore hydration and radiance in dry, dull or dehydrated skin. It can also be used to slow hair loss in men and women, strengthen the hair follicle and reduce dandruff, achieving impressive results in this difficult area. 

Will my treatment hurt?

Whilst the treatment isn’t painful, you may experience mild discomfort. Paracetamol may be taken 30 minutes before to minimise any discomfort. Topical anaesthetic cream is not required.

How long will my treatment take?

The whole treatment takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

How much does a mesotherapy treatment cost? 

A single treatment costs £300. An additional area is £100 if treated the same day (for example, £300 for face plus £100 for hands).