CoolTherapy fat reduction

It gets harder to shift stubborn areas of fat, especially around the waist, bottom, hips and thighs, even with regular exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle - enter CoolTherapy's revolutionary fat freezing

The first effective alternative to fat-reduction surgery

  • CoolTherapy ‘Fat Freezing’ offers the first real alternative to surgical fat reduction – it’s non-invasive, requires virtually no downtime and delivers excellent results
  • We have installed a CoolTherapy ‘Fat Freezing’ machine after a successful trial period that delivered very positive outcomes 
  • Noticeable results can be seen from four weeks, with some clients losing 45% of fat in the targeted area 

Until recently, your only option to tackle these problem areas would have been fat reduction surgery, such as Liposuction. Understandably, you may be concerned about having an operation under general anaesthetic or taking time off for a long recovery afterwards.

The CoolTherapy ‘Fat Freezing’ treatment offers an effective and real alternative to fat reduction surgery for the first time ever. At Waterhouse Young, we were one of the first aesthetic clinics in the UK to trial this cutting-edge technology and are pleased to report very positive outcomes.

We end each CoolTherapy treatment with a Pressotherapy session, which exerts light pressure to improve blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and help your body break down the frozen fat. In our experience, this supports the excellent results we have seen so far.

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What’s next?

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers (below and right) to help you find out more. To discuss your concerns about your skin, as well as your hopes for treatment, the first step is to book an initial consultation. You can fill out our quick and easy form or call us on 020 7486 3849 and we will be happy to help.

What is CoolTherapy ‘Fat Freezing’ and how does it work?

CoolTherapy is a revolutionary fat-reduction procedure which reduces fat in the stubborn areas treated by at least 20% after just one treatment; in fact, some clients report as much as a 30% loss of fat in the targeted area. It is the ultimate alternative to surgery.

CoolTherapy uses controlled cold exposure to produce non-invasive, effective and selective damage to fat cells, which your body then removes using natural processes.

What happens during my CoolTherapy treatment?

During your initial consultation (see above) to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, we will identify the fatty area to be treated.

During the treatment itself, we will apply an anti-freezing membrane to protect your skin. We will then place a CoolTherapy applicator on to both sides of the treatment area. You will feel a pulling sensation as the skin is drawn into the applicator. During the first ten minutes, the temperature within the applicator will gradually be lowered until it reaches a predetermined temperature of -8C, thereby slowly freezing the fat cells. As the temperature begins to reduce, your skin will go numb. Once we release the applicators, we will gently massage the ‘frozen’ tissue.

To our knowledge, we are one of the only clinics to finish each CoolTherapy treatment with 30 minutes of Pressotherapy. During Pressotherapy, you lay in a special compression suit that fits over your legs up to your waist; this suit fills with air and is computer controlled to exert light pressure similar to a deep massage in order to improve your blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and help your body break down the newly frozen fat. In our experience, Pressotherapy aids your recovery and enhances the results achieved with CoolTherapy fat freezing.

What is CoolTherapy used to treat?

CoolTherapy is used to break down stubborn areas of fat deposits. The exposure to cooling causes a localised inflammatory response in the fat cells (called Panniculitis) within a treated area, which in turn damages the fat cells by rupturing them, thereby releasing their contents. These contents are then naturally flushed away by your body’s own mechanisms. This ultimately leads to a gradual reduction of the thickness of the fat layer which, in turn, reduces the visible bulges within four to 12 weeks.

Will my treatment hurt?

Most clients report that the CoolTherapy procedure is comfortable. However, during the first five to six minutes, the initial suction and cooling can be mildly uncomfortable. You will not need anaesthesia or pain relief and should be comfortable enough to read, work on your laptop, listen to music, or just relax during the procedure.

How long will my CoolTherapy fat reduction treatment take?

To ‘freeze’ fat effectively, research has shown that the area needs to be reduced to a temperature of -8C for a minimum of 60 minutes. As is takes five to six minutes to reduce to this temperature, the applicators are left in situ for 70 minutes.

The CoolTherapy has two cup applicators and therefore two areas (i.e. both sides) are treated at the same time. As CoolTherapy is followed by Pressotherapy, which takes 30 minutes, you are likely to spend approximately two hours in the clinic for your treatment.

How much does CoolTherapy fat reduction treatment cost?

We will discuss your treatment options and proposed treatment plan during your initial consultation, including a full breakdown of the costs. The prices for CoolTherapy fat reduction treatment are:

• Prices start from £500 for one treatment.

• Treatment packages available on assessment depending on needs.