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Sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment designed to improve the appearance of thread veins, mainly on the legs and body. These tiny enlarged blood vessels can often be seen on the surface of your skin and appear as fine red or purple lines. Although not painful, these unsightly visible lines can create an uneven appearance that can become more pronounced and noticeable as we get older, often looking like a bruise. There are no serious health risks to having thread veins and yet they can significantly impact our lifestyle and how we go about our lives, due to the impact on our confidence and how comfortable we feel in ourselves.  We also offer diathermy treatment to remove skin tags and treat facial veins.

Our sclerotherapy and diathermy treatments are effective solutions that can reduce, or even remove, unsightly thread veins. The first step is to contact us for an initial consultation with our aesthetic doctor. 

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Treatment Guide & FAQs

What happens first?

Before we carry out any treatment, we will ask you to book an initial consultation with our aesthetic doctor. During this consultation, we’ll take a full medical history and carry out the latest Visia computerised skin analysis to take magnified 3D images of your face.

We’ll also carry out a visual assessment of your skin and talk to you about your needs, hopes and expectations. We’ll find out a bit more about lifestyle factors that might not only affect your skin, but also what type of treatment would be most suitable. Having gathered all this valuable information, we’ll have a better understanding of which dermal filler you need and where they should be injected to give you the best outcome. We’ll create a bespoke treatment plan that is entirely focused on you as an individual.

Will you suggest other treatments?

It may be that you come to us thinking you need one type of treatment but that we are able to suggest a more suitable alternative. Whatever the case, we will very much consider your individual needs and give you an honest assessment, including realistic expectations of the outcomes of your treatment.

What are Sclerotherapy and Diathermy used to treat?


Microsclerotherapy is used for the removal of thread veins on the legs, anywhere from the top of the thigh to the ankle.


Short wave diathermy is used to remove skin tags and treat facial veins. It can also be effective in the treatment of Spider Naevus, red blood spots, warts and Milia.

What happens during a treatment?


When you come to us for microsclerotherapy, we will use a syringe and tiny needle to inject a small amount of a sclerosing solution called Fibrovein into the thread veins to empty the targeted veins of blood. The solution causes the vein wall to become irritated and stick to itself, closing it shut and preventing it from filling up with blood again. Sometimes a single injection will remove more than one vein, but it is common to need several injections to clear all the veins, and some veins may need to be injected on more than one occasion.


During your treatment, a tiny hair-like needle will be placed gently into your skin and conduct an electrical current to heat up the blood in the thread vein. The treatment can be slightly uncomfortable so a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to help numb the area.

Will my treatment hurt?


Some people experience minor stinging or cramps when the needle is inserted into the vein but the treatment does not require anaesthetic and the sensation during the treatment should be bearable.


Diathermy treatment tends to be uncomfortable so a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the area.

How long does treatment take?


This precision treatment takes time and concentration, so it typically takes around an hour to complete.


Diathermy treatment typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. This time also allows for the anaesthetic cream to take effect.

When should I see results from my treatment?


You will probably notice some immediate improvement to the appearance of your thread veins but it can take up to six weeks for the full results to be appreciated. Just one treatment can lead to significant improvements but you may need several treatments for the best outcome.


Generally, the treated veins will appear worse before they get better and will be slightly darker in colour. You can expect them to fade over a two- to six-week period.

How many treatments will I need?


The limit to the number of injections that you can have in a single treatment depends on the amount of solution injected, and in most cases you will require more than one treatment session. For many clients, the best results come with having two to three treatments at least six to eight weeks apart.


It is not always possible for us to achieve 100% clearance. Although one treatment should make a noticeable difference, you may need several treatments four weeks apart, particularly to remove larger veins or those around the nostrils.

Is thread vein or skin tag removal safe?


While most people don’t experience problems having a microsclerotherapy treatment for thread vein removal, minor side effects do occur occasionally. The most common are slight swelling, redness or bruising, which occur as a reaction to the injection immediately after the treatment. You should find these side effects, if they occur at all, will subside over a few days. Occasionally, a small dark area of pigmentation resembling a freckle may remain, or the vein may be replaced with a brownish stain in the line of the vein. Allergic reactions to the chemical used to carry out the injections can occur but are extremely rare. Very rarely the solution can leak out of the vein and cause ulceration of skin at the injection site that can lead to scarring but every precaution is taken to prevent this from happening. Our aesthetic team are exceptionally skilled at carrying out precision procedures.


Diathermy is a heat treatment and any risks are related to damage caused by heating your skin. These risks include burning, scabbing, infection, pigment changes and scarring. However, we have extensive experience in this area and our precision skill combined with following our aftercare advice should significantly reduce the risk of these side effects. If you have any questions at all about the treatments on this page, do mention them during your initial consultation and our aesthetic doctor will be happy to answer them in detail.

How much does it cost?

We will discuss your treatment options and proposed treatment plan during your initial consultation, including a full breakdown of the costs. Prices vary depending on the area(s) to be treated.

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