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How to choose a skin clinic

The seven questions you should consider before choosing your aesthetic clinic. Find out what differentiates a good clinic from a great clinic and how you can choose with confidence…

Does the clinic have some form of computerised skin assessment?

Most reputable and experienced practitioners will know how to treat you by visually assessing your skin and bone structure and will no doubt achieve a fabulous result with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. However, unless they use some form of computerised skin analysis, they will not be aware of what is actually going on underneath your skin and as such will not be able to treat you to the very best standards to match your needs.

With this in mind, a computerised skin assessment, is a helpful tool as images taken by a light box looking at different layers of your skin can highlight issues such as sun damage, brown spots, inflammation and red areas which can’t always be seen by the naked eye. With these in mind a more tailored approach can be achieved and these concerns can be addressed before they appear visible at the surface. The benefit of this is we are able not only to treat but also preserve and pre-empt other useful intervention. In addition, having a regular skin analysis will determine how effective your treatment plan and skincare regime is by comparing your results as time goes on.

Is the clinic doctor led?

With injectable treatments now available on the UK high street it has never been more important to know that you, your skin and your appearance are in safe hands. Sadly the aesthetic industry is unregulated which means that it’s all too easy for people outside of being a doctor, nurse or dentist can be trained in anti-wrinkle injections like Botox and dermal fillers. These courses can literally (and alarmingly) be just a few hours long and yet, on completion, they are free to treat in the same way as a medical professional.

Do your homework, ask to see credentials and before and after images, know how many procedures have they done and check which brands they are using. Make sure that whoever is going to treat you is aesthetically trained, with a medical background and experience. Treatments such as Botox must be prescribed and therefore you must see someone with prescribing privileges such as a doctor, dentist or nurse prescriber. You also need to know that you will also be looked after in a the event of adverse incident occurring.

All too often we hear about treatments, and see the results of those which have gone wrong because they have been administered incorrectly. Ask what will happen if something goes wrong and know that you will be looked after until it’s resolved.

Has the clinic or the doctor been featured in any magazine articles?

Clinics and doctors with good reputations will regularly be asked by press to feature in their articles. They will be asked to give expert advice and journalists will be willing to review their treatments having had them so this is an important indication of credibility. You can check this by asking to see current media pieces or by doing a quick Google search on the clinic or doctor in question.

Are the clinic’s treatments safe?

Safety is absolutely of paramount importance. Unfortunately tried and tested safe treatments with low risk attached don’t make for exciting press as they are not new and exciting. For this reason, be very aware of fad treatments that seem to be a like a fashion trend – they come and go for a reason.

Just because a treatment might receive a lot of press and most likely celebrity following, does not mean it’s safe and effective or suitable for everyone. Make sure any treatment you are going to have is clinically proven and research based. Ask to see patient leaflets, ask about patient experiences and research links to their website which will contain all the science and set out the method.

Is staff retention high at the clinic?

Excellent customer service and consistency are key to achieving great results so if you’re seeing new faces every time you go for a treatment maybe staff aren’t being valued and they’re not a happy team. This will affect the service an experience you receive at the clinic as not only is it nice to build relationships with your practitioner but it’s also important that whoever is looking after you, knows about your skin, is aware of your treatment history and what you like/dislike. That way you can be sure of a brilliant result which matches your skin goals.

Will they look after your physical health?

Whilst you might wonder why this is relevant for an aesthetic treatment, skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s affected by everything we put into it. In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis on gut health and how we need to pay more attention to what we eat and drink. Unbalanced gut health can lead to dry, irritated skin. The effects of sugar and how it causes ageing both internally and externally is also widely known. There are many dietary factors which affect the way we look and feel. If a clinic has recommended nutritionists or a health & wellness coach you know that they are keen to look after you as a whole and you can be confident of a superior experience and result.

Do they have any wellness treatments to complement aesthetics?

Beauty is more than skin deep and if you look good, you’re certainly going to feel better within yourself. Unfortunately however, this isn’t going to have an impact on your overall health. The ageing process is caused by inflammation and modern day life accelerates this process often resulting in conditions like arthritis, chronic pain and emotional strain too. There are various different ways to reduce inflammation. Changing diet and lifestyle is one which is why it’s always good to speak with a health & wellness coach or nutritionist, and there are also devices such as Seqex. Very new to the UK, Seqex is the most effective source of pulse electrode magnetic field (PEMF), promoting overall wellbeing and optimising your health by reducing inflammation, pain and oxidative stress.

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