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Media Coverage

We’ve featured regularly in the media since we launched in 2012 and are always delighted to receive such lovely coverage. You may have read about Waterhouse Young online or in the press, in media such as Vogue, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Grazia to The Times and Daily Mail. Here are a selection of recent features:


January 2020

Investigations – Treatments On Trial

In her review piece, Francesca White rates our Jet Set Pro Peel with Dr Holly Cole-Hawkins as the “Best For….Plumped Up Skin”. Francesca found that “skin feels pillowy and plump” and most noticeable is the skin “beneath the eyes and across the brow, which is profoundly less papery”. Francesca also reported that this no-downtime peel is “excellent” in how it helps to fade stretchmarks and soften pitted acne scars.

Get The Gloss

January 2020

How to boost your collagen levels, from food to facials

Given that collagen is the “building block of bouncy skin” which starts to deplete in our twenties, Anna Hunter researches various ways to enhance collagen production, from dietary tweaks, cutting-edge treatments, skincare to supplements that “actually work”. Anna talks to WY’s Dr Paris Acharya to understand the repercussions of diminishing collagen and the timeline for your own skin: Recommended products include some of our favourite brands – Heliocare & SkinCeuticals – and treatments such as dermal fillers, Profhilo and PRP needling.

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The Times – Luxx Magazine

September 2019

How to get a sharp jawline – chin Up!

Jennifer George believes there’s “nothing more chic” than a chiselled chin so shares her knowledge on how to get one, Given jowls – unlike other signs of ageing such as wrinkles and pigmentation – don’t respond as well as skincare and serums, Jennifer talks to doctors, including WY’s Dr Holly Cole-Hawkins about addressing a sagging jaw, using treatments such as injectables.

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Daily Mail

March 2019

How to stop your hands looking older than your face: From masks to sun protection, FEMAIL reveals how to avoid signs of ageing

Having spotted a fellow mum wearing Chanel fingerless gloves to hide a recent hand-rejuvenating treatment, as well as how many hand creams are being launched on to the market, Lucia Ferrari set about investigating tweakments for those self-conscious about their hands. For loss of volume and intense rehydration, WY’s Dr Holly Cole-Hawkins recommended Profhilo hyaluronic acid injections, “’Clients love the plumping, hydrating and radiance-boosting effects”.

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January 2020

The Experts – Top Doctors – Face

Norman Waterhouse, our founder and former president of the BAAPS, features in Tatler’s “The Experts – Top Doctors” list as one of its best in the business: “the UK’s finest surgeons and cosmetic doctors to have on speed dial”. The “high-flying facelifter” talks about the revolution in facelifting and filler, that it’s now “just about tiny bits – after all, science shows we don’t lose volume, in the face as we age, it simply drops”. Tatler also mentions us, Norman Waterhouse’s non-surgical clinic, where his “daughter Suki is occasionally spotted slinking out of, post facial”.

Country & Town House

November 2019

The Good Life by Alice B-B: November

In Alice B-B’s monthly column on what she’s been up to that month – a visit to Iceland, for example – Alice shares that she discovered facials which incorporate body treatments. Alice reviewed a couple of treatments, including our fully-bespoke HydraFacial – “the glowy results are instant” – while lying on our Seqex electromagnetic bed to help calm her yoga / boxer’s elbow which she said “felt miraculously better” afterwards. Conclusion? “It’s time to double up and work on the whole shebang – not just the boat race”.

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Daily Telegraph

August 2019

How To Shrink Your Pores For Flawless Skin Over 40

In Leah Hardy’s interview with aesthetic doctors such as WY’s Dr Parisha Acharya, they discuss a significant effect of humid weather conditions on your skin: more cavernous pores. “In warmer weather, skin around the pores may swell and dilate,” says Dr Paris. “We also produce more sebum from the pores which contributes to the larger appearance.” Dr Paris recommends high-tech HydraFacials to de-gunk pores, in some cases combining them with peels, radiofrequency and Botox for “spectacular, squeaky-clean tiny pores”.

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Evening Standard

March 2019

Mother’s Day spa and beauty treatments 2019: From facials to pedicures, the best joint salon treatments in London

Chloe Street recommends some of the best places in London for quality time alternatives to the trusty gift voucher for Mother’s Day: from a mother-daughter / son super-quick brightening facial at WY to an indulgent spa day. Chloe says, “the high-tech treatments at Waterhouse Young, a beautiful townhouse,…are hard to beat”. HydraFacial’s patented technology cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates skin with antioxidants and peptides, “reducing wrinkles and leaving skin super glowy”.

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January 2020

Lip fillers just keep getting more popular, so here are the best experts to visit for the natural look

In Lottie Winter’s article, she notes that there are “thousands of destinations offering fillers and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments” so profiles a few of the “best places for fillers in London” which GLAMOUR can “vouch for with total confidence”. Lottie profiles some of London’s skin experts, including WY’s Dr Holly Cole-Hawkins who offers cutting-edge, safe dermal fillers as well as treatments like bespoke botox, chin-enhancements, DermaStamp and The Liquid Facelift. Lottie says Dr Holly is a “friendly and reassuring face” for those considering their first filler treatment.

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Sunday Telegraph

October 2019

Why your hormones could be ageing your skin – and how to spot the signs

Rosie Green writes that she’s met models who mainline chocolate and neglect their faces but never have spots, in contrast to 40-somethings who drink two litres of water a day, eat virtuous food choices and maintain a three-step skincare routine, but still find their skin improbably dry. Given people often assume flare-ups, spots, dryness, pigmentation and redness must be their fault, Rosie debunks the myth, looking into a major contributing factor: hormones. WY’s Dr Holly Cole-Hawkins is one of the skin experts Rosie talks to and quotes in the article.

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August 2019

The new treatments you need before your next holiday

Whether you’re holidaying in Club 55 or Nikki Beach, Francesca White reviews treatments to have you prepped for the sun. Before buying a high-cut swimsuit, Francesca suggests trying one of our Pressotherapy courses to smooth cellulite, thanks to its innovative lymphatic drainage technique. Francesca found the sensation to be odd yet “strangely soothing – some people claim to fall asleep it’s so relaxing” and that, when you leave, “legs feel lighter and water retention is visibly reduced”. After six sessions, you can expect to notice a “definite reduction” in dimpling.

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