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At WY, we invest the time to care for you and your skin needs from our first conversation, taking pride in our personal approach that centres on your individual needs.

How do I start?

Whether you have a specific treatment in mind or are still in the research phase regarding caring for your skin, you will be welcomed to meet with one of our doctors or nurses to ensure the most effective treatments are made available to you.

Going deeper for better results

At your initial consultation we’ll discuss your skin goals and, as part of this, will perform a Visia skin analysis. This computerised assessment allows us to examine beneath the superficial layers of your skin – what the eye is unable to see – and in doing so we can scope not only corrective, restorative treatment plans, but also preventative ones too. From here we take into account a number of important factors when creating a bespoke treatment recommendation – these include skin type, condition, lifestyle, potential wellness goals and, of course, your availability.

It’s all about you

From there, most patients tend to arrange singular treatments at their convenience as part of an ongoing self-care regime. If your treatment plan involves a program of multiple visits we will continue to use the Visia skin analysis to measure the progress and results of treatments, whether that be addressing sun-damage, elasticity, lines and wrinkles, pores or other skin health related issues.

And there’s no need to rush, no matter how busy you are

We know life can be demanding which is why we work around you and your schedule. We always book out plenty of time for consultations so that you have the space and opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like to ensure you leave feeling comfortable, clear and fully-informed. It can be possible to have treatment on the day of your consultation with the doctor, but this does depend on the treatment.

Still have questions?

Why not check out our ‘How to choose a skin clinic’ guide or simply email and we will be very happy to help.

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