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For optimal wellbeing, you need a balance of good sleep, nutrition, an active lifestyle, positive relationships and satisfying work or time for interests; your mental and physical health are of the utmost importance. Sometimes, one or more of these cornerstones of your wellbeing will be out of kilter and this is when you may appreciate some support in improving how you feel.

Busy lives involve a lot of juggling and mean that we tend to neglect ourselves – your body may be signalling this if you’re experiencing a lack of energy, low mood, insomnia, fatigue, poor digestion, unexplained aches and pains or skin breakouts. Recent events may have brought your wellbeing into sharp focus or you may already have a keen interest in wellness – whichever the case, it is a good idea to prioritise a little ‘me time’ and address the factors which are causing your lack of equilibrium.

At Waterhouse Young, our goal is to understand what you need to reset yourself and to ensure you leave us feeling calmer, more rested and rejuvenated once more. Our friendly team achieves this by taking time to discuss your lifestyle, relevant medical history, concerns and hopes for treatment, before recommending the best treatment options to re-balance you and give the boost you need.

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