Thread veins, skin tags & warts

These may seem trivial or just a feature of your skin but, if they are unsightly, uncomfortable or make you feel self-conscious, it's worth considering these simple solutions 

Thread veins, skin tags & warts / Waterhouse Young

Tackle minor but uncomfortable skin imperfections

As you’ll know if you suffer from them, thread veins (also called ‘spider veins’ or ‘broken veins’) are tiny enlarged blood vessels that run close to the surface of your skin and appear as fine red or purple wiggly lines.

Thread veins are especially common on our legs but they can appear on your face too, typically around the nose and cheeks, which can give you an uneven complexion. 

Often thread veins run in families so, if your parents or grandparents had them, there’s a high chance that you’ll have thread veins too. They also tend to appear more as we get older, as our skin and blood vessels lose their elasticity, and are often connected to the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause, which is why women are more prone to thread veins than men. 

Although thread veins aren’t dangerous, without treatment they will usually increase in size and number. You may also find that you’re developing a few warts and skin tags as you get older. Although skin tags are soft, harmless growths, they’re common around the eyes and neck, which might be making you feel self-conscious. Depending on their position, you may find that your clothes rub against your skin tags, making your skin sensitive or even sore. There is a solution.

What happens next?

If you feel self-conscious of your thread veins, hiding your legs away even in the height of summer, or searching high and low for make-up that successfully covers the thread veins on your face, then you’ll be pleased to know that effective treatments are now available that can reduce or even remove unsightly thread veins.

We can also remove warts and skin tags using a choice of cold (cryotherapy) and hot (diathermy) treatment options.

You can book an initial consultation with our aesthetic doctor to discuss your thread veins, skin tags or warts. If any of these are on your face, we will carry out a computerised Visia skin analysis during this appointment to look at the various layers of your skin. This will help us to assess the extent of your thread veins and how they should be treated, or to look at the best treatment options for removing unsightly warts or skin tags. We will then put together a treatment plan based on what we believe would be best for you.

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