Sun damage and pigmentation

We’re all aware of the harmful effects of the sun and skin analysis demonstrates its impact on the skin. Tackle this damage and restore your skin to its former glory as well as prevent future problems

Minimise the effects of sun damage / Waterhouse Young

If only we knew how harmful the sun and its rays were 20 years ago. Sadly we didn’t and whilst we were casually covering ourselves in baby oil to get the deepest tan ever, we had no idea of the extent of damage we were causing. Thankfully, we do understand the damage now and can take steps to protect our skin in the future. There are also some exceptional treatments to help counteract the damage caused.

What happens next?

If you can see the effects of sun damage on your skin – often this shows up in the form of dark patches (hyperpigmentation) and fine lines and wrinkles - then your first step should be to seek professional advice.

We offer an initial consultation with our aesthetic doctor, during which we will take some pictures using a computerised Visia skin analysis which looks at various depths of your skin. This skin analysis lets us understand various issues, including sun damage. It will also highlight any brown spots or pigmentation which may not yet be visible to you but could become a problem in the future.

Based on these results, we’ll help you find the best way forward to turn back the clock and minimise the effects of sun damage. The treatments that deliver outstanding results for sun damage are listed below – just click on each treatment to find out more.

Case Studies