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Sleep Issues & Fatigue

Sleep is an essential function as it allows your brain and body to recharge and heal, ensuring that you awaken refreshed and mentally alert. Good quality sleep helps you maintain optimal brain function and physical health, staving off disease, and enables essential biological functions to take place, from cell repair, energy restoration and hormone release to toxic waste removal from your central nervous system. Poor sleep may be caused by stress, depression, hormones or simply a change in routine.

Sleep disturbance, particularly over prolonged periods, can have a significant impact on your mood, energy and physical wellbeing, causing anxiety, memory loss, poor concentration, weight gain, a weakened immune system or premature ageing. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you may have tried numerous remedies in an attempt to re-establish good sleep habits. We meet many patients who are fatigued and this may be attributed to a lack of sleep or, alternatively, to insufficient exercise, a recent illness or an underlying health issue.

We recognise how patients struggle due to the effects of fatigue or lack of sleep and that a solution needs to be sought. We therefore investigated many treatment options and have introduced those which safely and effectively encourage or re-train your body to sleep well again and restore energy levels. When you have a consultation with one of our expert doctors, they will discuss your medical history and lifestyle and ascertain the best treatment for you, to enable you to feel more like yourself again.

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