Loose skin - face

Ageing and factors such as lifestyle, genetics and sun exposure affect skin over the years and you may start to notice loose skin and weaker facial muscles. Fortunately our treatments lift, firm and brighten skin

Lift and tighten loose, ageing skin / Waterhouse Young

As you get older, you’ll begin to notice your skin going through some dramatic changes, which are affected by many contributing factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, sun exposure and gravity.

Let’s not forget the ageing process itself where collagen and elastin production slows down and our skin becomes less firm and begins to droop. Hyaluronic acid - which retains the moisture in our skin to keep it looking plump and youthful - depletes over the years and we can also lose some fat. As a result of these changes, you might feel that your face appears drawn and sallow. You may also notice that your facial muscles are starting to weaken.

Fortunately, help is at hand. At Waterhouse Young, we offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help lift and tighten loose ageing skin.

What happens next?

We offer a Visia skin analysis and consultation with our aesthetic doctor. This cutting-edge computerised skin analysis lets us look at the layers of your skin so that we can see not only existing visible problems but also problems that are likely to appear in the near future. Using this comprehensive information, we’ll help you decide on a treatment plan that is best suited to you.

Treatments that deliver outstanding results for improving the appearance of loose ageing skin are listed below – just click on the treatment to find out more.

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