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Clients who may be in pretty good shape come to us for advice because they've noticed their skin elasticity has diminished and they’ve developed slackened skin, at the tops of arms, knees or around their middle. We can lift and tighten these areas - anti-ageing solutions for the body

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Skin changes are often the first visible signs of ageing. If you’re in your late 20s or older, you’ve probably noticed your skin changing over time as a result of many contributing factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, sun exposure and gravity.

The skin itself goes through a distinct ageing process where, from the age of approximately 25, collagen and elastin production slows down and our skin becomes less firm and begins to droop. Hyaluronic acid, which retains the moisture in our skin to keep our skin looking plump and youthful, begins to deplete around the same time. This can all lead to you having loose, ageing skin. 

Of course, it isn’t just our faces that are affected. Many women come to us with problem areas of loose skin around their arms or things. The good news is that treatments to stimulate collagen and elastin production using EndyPro3DEEP can help to tighten those dreaded bingo wings and lift areas such as above the knee.

What happens next?

You first step is to come in for a consultation with our aesthetic doctor. We will ask you for your full medical history and talk to in-depth about how you feel about your skin, as well as your hopes and expectations for treatment. Once we fully understand your case, we’ll help you decide on a treatment plan that is best suited to you.

At Waterhouse Young, we offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help lift and tighten your skin. To find out more about the different treatment options, click on the treatments below.

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