Lines and wrinkles

We offer a range of highly-effective treatments to help combat the signs of ageing, preserving or restoring your skin’s youthful appearance so you enjoy fresher-looking skin

Anti Ageing Treatment / Waterhouse Young

As you get older, various factors will affect how your skin ages, including lifestyle, diet and sun exposure. It hardly seems fair but collagen and elastin production begins to slow down naturally after the age of just 25 in women and around the age of 30 in men, and your hyaluronic acid content will start to decline around the same time. Together, all of these changes can leave you with tired, dull, wrinkled, sun damaged and loose, saggy skin.

Fortunately, there is a range of highly effective Anti Ageing Treatment in London, now available to help you combat these changes and preserve or restore your skin’s youthful appearance for longer than ever before.

What happens next?

We offer an initial consultation with our aesthetic doctor at Waterhouse Young. During this consultation, we will take some pictures using a cutting-edge computerised Visia skin analysis which looks at various depths of your skin. This lets us examine your pores, wrinkles, texture, sun damage, pigmentation, red areas, spots and bacteria. Using this information, we are able to put a Anti Ageing Treatment plan together to help correct any issues and prevent further skin damage.

The sooner we start to introduce preventative measures to address the above, the better - this includes basic skin care and using sun protection on a daily basis, even in the winter.

Different treatments suit different people. We’ll recommend a treatment plan that’s entirely focused on what we think would give you the best results. Anti-ageing treatments that tackle lines and wrinkles are listed below – just click on the Anti Ageing Treatment to find out more.

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