Excess / unwanted hair

Unnecessary hair is inconvenient at best and, at its worst, damaging to your self-confidence. Trends and attitudes towards hair change but if you're looking for a longer-term hair removal solution, here's ours

Full Body Laser Hair Removal / Waterhouse Young

There are many reasons people visit us for a long-term, pain-free, effective solution to Full Body Laser Hair Removal   - some suffer ingrown hairs or shaving rash with other methods, others are embarrassed by their body or facial hair and some clients are simply looking for a permanent system so they need never have to wax, shave or epilate again.

The good news is that whether it’s excessive or just unwanted, we can remove your excess hair both effectively and painlessly.

You may wish to remove hair from your underarm or bikini area to avoid painful waxing and ingrowing hairs, as well as enjoying a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.  If you’re someone who suffers from a hormonal condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), you may be experiencing excessive hair growth as an unfortunate side effect. We realise that this can be particularly affecting if the hair growth is facial. We can help with any and all of these issues.

What happens next?

Full Body Laser Hair Removal   is the most effective way to permanently reduce hair growth. Although there are many machines that offer laser hair removal, the technology we use at Waterhouse Young goes a step further as it is super effective, requires no downtime and is also pain-free, offering the most cutting-edge hair removal treatment currently available.

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