Excess body fat

Keeping fit and eating well help you achieve your ideal physique. Body fat may still persists in small pockets, though, and now we have a comfortable yet remarkably successful ‘fat freezing’ method to remove it

Eliminate stubborn pockets of fat / Waterhouse Young

Most of us have at least some areas of stubborn fat which no amount of diet or exercise can shift, especially as we get older. The latest research would suggest that our bodies gradually become less efficient at burning the good ‘brown’ fat that boosts our metabolism, which, in turn, means that our bodies burn less of the stubborn ‘white’ fat that’s responsible for the middle-age spread.

Until now we have had to rely on traditional surgical methods such as liposuction. Understandably, you may not feel that surgery is an option. You may be worried about having an operation under general anaesthetic or be put off by a long recovery, which can mean time off work or stepping down from your usual commitments.

Over the years various non-surgical fat reduction technologies have been developed with mixed results. Finally, at Waterhouse Young we are able to offer you CoolTherapy ‘Fat Freezing’, an effective alternative to invasive surgery that actually works. 

What happens next?

Your first step is to book an initial consultation where we will take a detailed look at your medical history, talk to you about your body hopes and concerns, and explore whether you are a suitable candidate for a CoolTherapy Fat Freezing treatment.

Following this assessment, we will devise a bespoke treatment plan that we believe will give you the best outcome.

To find out more about CoolTherapy Fat Freezing and how it works, visit the link below.

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