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What Is “Baby Botox”? The New Trend In Injectables

Nowadays, we see countless cosmetic surgeries and treatments grow in popularity practically overnight. The latest trend we’re seeing, however, is ‘Baby Botox’ which we would like to clarify, doesn’t involve babies! With many expecting this new trend to revolutionise the world of injectables, we are going to take a closer look at just what this …

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Roses, Not Rosacea: Treating Skin Redness in the Springtime

The change of season means warmer weather, blooming flowers and more time spent outdoors—but for many people, it also means that rosacea flare-ups are at their peak. Rosacea is particularly prone to aggravation during the springtime, and at Waterhouse Young, we notice a higher occurrence of rosacea and skin redness in our clients as spring rolls in. …

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How to prevent teeth grinding

Do you need relief from teeth grinding, headaches, jaw ache or discomfort when you eat? Teeth grinding is a common problem and has a not-so-well-known potential solution. Here we share information on how you can improve symptoms and prevent the discomfort associated with it. TMJ stands for ’temporo-mandibular joint’, the joint which is located on both sides of the head at the …

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