Case Study: Client story #9


I work in the City which, for me, means long and stressful days and until recently I have had the very real and embarrassing problem of excessive underarm sweating (large damp patches noticeable even as I first sit down at my desk). I know this is a common problem but it was really affecting me and it wasn’t until I read an article in the Evening Standard that I knew it was actually a medical condition which could be treated.


The article was linked to the Waterhouse Young clinic and, having read their informative website (with  great reviews which helped me, hence sharing mine now), I made an appointment.  After seeing the doctor (Saira) for a consultation, she applied a numbing cream to both armpits.  She said there would be many small injections where she would inject the Botox, so the cream was to make the treatment easier.  In all fairness I barely felt a thing.  


The results are incredible.  This treatment has completely changed my working life.  I have now had two rounds of treatment, it lasts about 6 months and is worth every penny.