Case Study: Client story #7


I’ve always been active and relatively slim however I had this area on my hips - ‘muffin top’ - which really bothered me.  I couldn’t find any exercise to target it and it was still there even after juicing which was my last hope! My husband also had stubborn pockets of ‘back fat’ which he wanted to deal with too - we’re both fairly fit and look after ourselves and were becoming frustrated at not being able to shift these problem areas.


CoolTherapy is otherwise known as ‘fat freezing’ although you wouldn’t know it, you don’t feel cold at all. After various measurements, two applicators are placed on the offending tissue and a vacuum pulls the tissue in and that stayed in place for 70 minutes.  Just as my nurse, Anna, said it was a  weird sensation, hard to describe but after 5 minutes or so I was numb and since lying on my front, took the opportunity to have a nap. Anna kept popping in to check the pressure and every now and then made an adjustment but this didn’t affect me.  At 70 minutes the cups came off and the areas were massaged down – this was the strangest feeling but nothing untoward.  After this it was time for ‘pressotherapy’ which is a mechanical massage.  I put on this large suit which came up to my waist and then various chambers filled with air which helps to increase circulation and aid lymphatic drainage.  This was so relaxing!  By the time this had finished (30 mins) the treated area was pretty much back to normal temperature.  Off I went feeling completely normal and all positive to kick start great habits to make the most of my treatment!


CoolTherapy is a slow burner and it can take up to 12 weeks to see full results.  I really noticed a difference after about 6 weeks and at 10 weeks Anna let me have my second treatment.  If the results are anything like my first treatment I’ll use my third on my inner thighs (they don’t mind you switching areas which is great!).  My ‘muffin tops’ are definitely less…whilst I can’t see them, my skinny jeans fit better and I can feel the difference. My husband has also started his course and is really impressed.