Case Study: Client story #6


I’ve always been prone to leg thread veins (as was my mother) but they started to get really bad during my first pregnancy.  It got to the stage where I felt uncomfortable wearing shorts or skirts as, to me, the clusters looked like small bruises. I first thought about having treatment after speaking with a friend who was a nurse.


I had a sclerotherapy treatment where the aesthetic doctor, Dr Saira, injected each of the offending veins with a solution which apparently aggravates the vein and causes it to collapse.  I remember lots of needles but, since they were so small, I barely felt them.  There was some discomfort which came later, a kind of burning, but I knew to expect this so I was prepared and I was well looked after at the clinic.  I had to wear compression tights for a couple of weeks but that was no drama.  I always knew I’d need about three treatments, which I did and I had these every couple of months


I’m delighted with the result.  The majority of thread veins have gone, the rest are quite faint so more than manageable and I am comfortable bearing my legs once more.  I know new thread veins can appear but that’s fine as I know they can be treated.  I now also know they are called spider nevai!!