Case Study: Client story #5


I’ve always loved the sun and, whilst I use sun protection, I could probably have used it more when I was younger! It wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I started to notice small areas of pigmentation which would appear when I’d been in the sun and then fade afterwards.  Then, it became more permanent.


The incredible thing was seeing my skin under the UV light during my skin analysis. I knew pigmentation was a problem as I could see it, but I didn’t realise what was brewing under my skin, waiting to surface. Dr Saira reassured me and said it was pretty good for someone of my age (I'm sure she was being kind!).  My course of action was to use Obagi Nu-Derm products as these contain active ingredients to lighten pigmentation and reduce sun damage.  I had a new skincare regime which was easy to use once explained.  I did get some light peeling but a slight tweak with one of the products stopped that.


I probably started to notice changes quite early on as I responded really well to the products.  I have since been back for several skin analyses and there is a huge reduction in sun damage.  My skin is also much firmer and brighter.  Fabulous products!