Case Study: Client story #4


I’ve always been pretty happy with the condition of my skin but follow a stressful year it’s not as plump as it used to be and I’ve really noticed jowls forming.  It wasn’t too bad but I wanted to prevent it from getting any worse, if that was possible.


My treatment plan consisted of a course (6 treatments) of radiofrequency (EndyMed) to my lower face.  After chatting through everything with the doctor (Saira) and having heard ‘prevention is key’ I decided to include my neck as well. The treatment itself was surprisingly lovely.  Rosie, my aesthetic practitioner, cleansed my face and then applied a gel to the area.  Once the treatment started a warmth filled my cheeks as she got to work before moving onto my neck.  I think I almost fell asleep at one point!


I started to notice a difference after about 6 weeks and it continued to improve after that.  I go back for my maintenance treatments every 3 months or so and that keeps it up.  I’m now thinking of doing some body parts in time for the summer!