Case Study: Client story #3


My main concern were the jowls forming together with the nose to mouth lines.  I’d also noticed small depressions in my cheeks. My frown and laughter lines had bothered me for some time but I thought I could get away with it.  Everything combined I thought surgery was my only option so I went to see Norman Waterhouse who promptly told me I was nowhere near ready for his cosmetic surgery services and put me in touch with his non-surgical clinic on Devonshire Street.


I made an appointment to see Dr Saira who was a delight.  After a lengthy chat in their comfortable lounge (it’s nothing like what you would imagine a clinic to be), I had to put my face in a light box where some pictures were taken.  These were analysed and Dr Saira scrutinized my images and advised me what to do, step by step.  I’m away with work a lot so I really needed something asap which gave almost immediate results.  We opted for Botox to the upper face and neck and Voluma which is a dermal filler to the lower face as a an 8-point lift (the latest technique).  


Saira injected one side of my face with fillers first and showed me the result.  It was so natural yet so effective.  She then evened me up before injecting the Botox.  I was scheduled to come back in 2 weeks for a review where a small tweak was made….I couldn’t see what needed doing but Saira assured me it would look a little better if she made a small adjustment which she did and she was right.  She certainly has an eye for it! I'm a convert - I had some preconceptions about 'frozen face' and not looking natural but it's so true about what people say about finding someone who really understands the face like Saira and just makes subtle improvements.