Case Study: Client story #2


I had been waxing since I was about 18 and, whilst it was a great temporary fix, there was nothing permanent about it and since I used to get unattractive ingrown hairs around my bikini line, it was pretty pointless.  


I’d read about laser hair removal online and several friends had had amazing results however I was worried about potential pain. Then I read about the pain-free Soprano ICE machine at Waterhouse Young in ES Magazine. To be honest, I really didn’t believe how any form of hair removal could be pain-free but, having spoken with them over the phone, they suggested coming for a test-patch to try it out and it really was completely comfortable. I booked in for the following week and now I am four treatments into my course of six.


It’s true, after one treatment you really do see a result and they just get better as time goes along.  I didn’t feel any pain during treatment and what’s great about this method of laser is that you can be treated with a tan rather than having to wait for it to fade. Amazing! Since starting, I’ve added in my underarms and lower legs. No more waxing for me!