Case Study: Client story #16


I’ve had a number of aesthetic treatments over the years and am a complete convert as my skin has never looked so good. I’m a huge fan of Waterhouse Young and really trust their recommendations - they don’t introduce treatments because they’re the ‘latest thing’ but because they have tried & tested them and know they work - so naturally I wanted to try mesotherapy when Anna mentioned it.


Given the treatment consists of a lot of tiny injections being administered to my face I wasn’t sure what to expect but Anna reassured me it shouldn’t be painful and advised I could take paracetamol first if I wanted - I didn’t, though. There are two phases to the treatment, both of which use tiny needles, like in acupuncture, so you barely feel them. The first phase is slow injections and the second is much quicker. With each tiny injection an amazing blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamins (whatever the lovely cocktail was - I forget!) were infused into my skin. I felt fine throughout, just some mild discomfort in some areas but nothing which troubled me. Afterwards Anna placed a soothing collagen mask on my face which felt absolutely gorgeous so I have requested some for home too!


I could feel and see the difference immediately afterwards. I was told results may take a few weeks to show - with the real results in 6 weeks - but, quite randomly, three people mentioned how nice my skin was looking in the second week.  I’ve had another two treatments since and will have a booster treatment every few months to keep up the effects. Already a HydraFacial and Intraceuticals addict, this is a new favourite!