Case Study: Client story #16


For the last 6 months or so I was noticing that my face was beginning to ‘sag’.  I have always been lucky; I think I have always had good skin and I’ve been pleased with how I’ve aged until now when the elasticity started to go.  I have a healthy lifestyle - I gym regularly, eat well, don’t smoke and always use sun protection but I knew I needed additional help. No matter how good I was, this needed some intervention.  I had no idea what my course of action would be but had been told not to worry about it by a friend who said ‘just head to WY and they’ll take care of everything’ and after much deliberation, I did.


Firstly I had my consultation with the doctor, Saira.  She listened to my concerns and understood how they bothered me, even though she thought they were only minor.  However, she continued to say that prevention was key so it was a good time for me to be there.  We went through my options and there were several but what really appealed was thread lifting as it had an instant result which would get better with time.

The first step is to have a local anaesthetic injected into various points on my face.  This was probably the worst bit for me as I’m not a fan of needles however, I had seen some before and after pictures and knew it would be worth it.  Then Saira proceeded to put threads into one side of my face and worked her magic.  I couldn’t believe is when she showed me one side against the other.  Amazing!!


Once she had finished the other side Saira put some arnica cream on and we talked about do and don’ts over the next few of days.  I had a couple of small bruises at some of the needle entry points but nothing I couldn’t handle and I was back to work the day after next.  I’m thrilled with the result!  In a month I’ll go back for more photos to see how I’m progressing and I can’t wait to see the difference.  Amazing treatment!