Case Study: Client story #15


My girlfriend goes regularly to WY and her skin looks amazing so I thought I’d pop down and see what they could do for me, if anything!  My skin wasn’t bad, as such, but I was looking markedly older and, mentioning no names, I was aware of a few high profile men who’ve had facial treatments and I was intrigued to hear WY’s suggestions for men like me. I’m an MD in a competitive industry and it’s important to look as good as possible.


Firstly, the consultation was really detailed and that and the skin analysis was a real an eye opener - I haven’t used proper skin care or much sun protection over the years and wasn’t aware how that had affected my skin.  Good there are things you can do to rescue some of the damage. As a beginner, Dr Saira was very gentle with me!  She said to start with HydraFacials using the peel regime together with EndyMed radio frequency for skin tightening.  My initial plan was a course of 6 treatments of each over an 8 week period.  Now I go back once every 6-8 weeks for a boost.


I’d definitely say there was an instant result, in fact I saw much more of an improvement than I expected to and I’d go as far as to say the results just keep on improving. I look ‘fresher’, is how I’d put it, so noone knows I’ve been treating my skin but I’ve had a few comments and have put it down to extra sleep and more gym visits. Not that I mind saying what I’ve been doing but I’m enjoying the compliments for now and like that people attribute it to my healthy lifestyle!