Case Study: Client story #14


I was getting married...although that wasn’t the problem: the problem was that I had covered every single detail except for my skin and how I’d be looking in my photos. It wasn’t until I had a make-up trial with Mariam Jensen who put me in touch with Anna and her team at Waterhouse Young with only 6 weeks to go……


Fortunately for me I don’t have any major skin concerns. Yes, I’m 40 and my skin isn’t as taught as it used to be but I’m lucky not to get many breakouts, etc. Mariam had suggested a couple of treatments which Anna had already discussed over the phone with me. With only 6 weeks to play with there wasn’t much time so I concentrated on having ‘HydraTight’ which is a HydraFacial combined with EndyMed’s skin tightening.  I had 4 of these, one each week, and the two days before my wedding I had an Intracetuicals Infusion to hydrate and plump up my skin (which my Mum also had).  


I couldn’t believe the difference after one treatment – my skin looked tighter and brighter and this just got better as I had more treatments.  I felt totally radiant on my big day.