Case Study: Client story #13


My skin has really started to sag and the lines are becoming more pronounced.  I thought I would be a prime candidate for a face lift however my high blood pressure is a contraindication and so I had to find alternative.


After discussing my options with Dr Vasdev at the Waterhouse Young clinic, we decided to start with EndyMed’s Intensif treatment (microneedling with radiofrequency) to kick start my collagen to help lift and tighten my skin and improve texture.  I had a course of 3 treatments, one each month.  The next stage was to introduce fillers and I had Volift injected into various points around my face to give more of an instant lift.


After about 8-10 weeks I really started to notice a difference and the good thing was it was subtle.  The overall condition of my skin was firmer, brighter and smoother.  Then after the fillers, I felt really great as together they made a huge difference.  Everyone keeps telling me how well rested and great I look. I didn’t need surgery after all. I look and feel great.