Case Study: Client story #12


Not really an issue for me but since my wife wasn’t too keen on my back hair she took me along to Waterhouse Young with her to speak to Anna about hair removal (she’s been going there for years).


I believe a course of six treatments is recommended however, since I don’t want to be completely hair free, I’m doing them one at a time. So far I’ve had three. I have to get my wife to shave my back the morning of/night before treatment and then the actual treatment is easy. It takes about an hour which passes really quickly and I don’t feel a thing apart from the cool gel which is applied. It’s weird after the first treatment as the hairs appear to be growing but then all of a sudden, they just fall out and you are left hairless for a good few weeks.


A noticeable difference after one treatment, definitely don’t think I’ll be needing all six and I’m really pleased that I’ve had this done (my wife is also delighted!).