Case Study: Client story #10


I’ve suffered with ongoing headaches for years and it was only after I’d been to a dental check up where my dentist put two and two together……it would appear that I’d been grinding my teeth at night which had not only affected my teeth but had also been the cause of my headaches.  He suggested having some Botox injected into my jaw and recommended I see Dr Vasdev at the Waterhouse Young clinic (this wasn’t at all what I was expecting to hear but was open to suggestions and needed a solution).


During a meeting with Saira (Dr Vasdev) she explained how Botox works and how it can reduce headaches and prevent teeth grinding by simply having a few injections to relax some muscles in my jaw.  After a few days thinking about it I realized I didn’t have anything to lose so I booked in for treatment.  Saira was extremely gentle and there was nothing for me to be apprehensive about (although I did keep my eyes closed so I couldn’t see the needle coming towards me as I'm not a fan!).

Several injections later and the treatment was done, all I had to do was follow a few simple instructions…don’t exercise, etc and await the results.


I knew it wouldn’t be instant but after about 4-5 days I noticed that I was waking up without a headache which was incredible.  I still get the odd one but nothing like I used to experience.  It’s also obviously helping with my teeth as well which is an added bonus as I need to hold onto those for as long as I can!