Case Study: Acne


Acne has been the bain of my life since my early 30’s…I’m now 38.  I don’t know why I developed it later on in life - as I teenager I had flawless skin and felt quite lucky.  It really started to affect my confidence and I felt like I’d tried everything, including antibiotics, without getting anywhere.  


A friend put me in touch with Waterhouse Young and so I went along for a consultation with Dr Vasdev who was so thorough (nothing like my nonchalant GP - Saira Vasdev did a skin analysis and got a good understanding of my history, lifestyle and skin condition).   Firstly I was given a new skincare regime – no over the counter creams but proper clinically-proven, prescription-only products.  I was sceptical at first as I really have tried everything but I trusted Saira and she was right: within 10-14 days my skin was remarkably different.  I combined this with face peels through the HydraFacial - I don’t have them as regularly but still once every 4-6 weeks (I can tell when I haven’t had one for a while).  Now that the acne is under control I’m allowed to address the scarring (there was no point before).  For this I am doing a course of eDS (electronic derma stamp) which is an electronic version of dermaroller but better as they can adjust the depth of the needle.  I’m probably going to have 3-4 of these in total, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  It’s a comfortable treatment as an aesthetic cream was applied first so I didn’t really feel it.  My face was red for 12 hours or so but I expected that and it soon settled.


My skin was glowing in a few weeks after the first treatment.  I know scarring is hard to treat and I don’t expect miracles, but I can honestly see a difference already and several friends have commented on how good I look.