Case Study: Anti-ageing


I’m getting old. In all seriousness, I’ve really started to notice the ageing process over the last few years and I had to do something about it.  Not because I don’t wish to grow old gracefully but because I want to look the best that I can and I didn’t feel I looked how I felt.  Anyway, to cut a very long story short, I read about the Waterhouse Young clinic in Tatler and decided to go for a consultation with their doctor.  From start to finish (although I’m still going) they have looked after my every need and completely put me at ease. I didn’t know which treatment I needed, I was happy to be advised by the professionals.


After a consultation with Dr Saira and skin analysis (I think ‘Visia’ which was scarily thorough as it shows all the sun damage, pores, wrinkles, etc), we sat down to discuss my options and Saira came up with a plan just for me. What I really loved was that I was given a timeline so I knew exactly what I would be having and when.  I started off with some EndyMedPro 3DEEP Intensif and FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments).  These were spaced 4 weeks apart and were the more aggressive of my treatments to kick start my collagen and elastin, tighten skin, improve texture and reduce sun damage.  Every 2 weeks in between these I had a HydraFacial which was the most amazing facial with instant results.  At the end I opted for some Botox and fillers (best move ever).   


I was fully aware that it takes a good 6 weeks to kick start collagen but I swear I could see a difference before then.  The combination of treatments has worked wonders.  I feel amazing and I’ve had so many compliments.  I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed every time I come to the clinic as I’ve always been made to feel so special. What’s lovely is that my plan doesn’t stop there…treatments are less frequent, unless I fancy a little pick me up before an event, they are more for maintenance but what’s really nice is that the whole team - Saira, Anna, Rosie and Duncan - all know what’s going on with me and what my next move is and I just love that!