Case Study: Acne


I’m writing this on behalf of my son as he’s away at university. He’s happy for me to write it but at the tender age of 20 understandably doesn’t wish to share his photo.  Anyway, it’s important to share his story.

James has had acne since he was about 15.  It started off as relatively mild but became increasingly worse whilst he was away at boarding school and it was heartbreaking for me to see how much this affected his confidence.  We tried all the lotions and potions we could get our hands on as well as antibiotics but nothing seemed to work.  What we were really trying to avoid was him getting scars as that’s a lifetime reminder.  Anyway, his GP gave us one final option and that was for him to go onto Roaccutane which, after doing some research, I really wasn’t happy with. I started to speak with other mums and one mentioned that her daughter had had real success with the Waterhouse Young clinic and that’s how it all began. 


Initially James saw Dr Saira for a skin analysis and consultation.  She was wonderful, really empathetic and related to him as an 18 year old.  She explained that the best course of action would be to overhaul his non-existent skin regime.  He started to use the Obagi Clenziderm kit - which consists of about four products - and she said after using those alone he would notice a difference within two weeks however best results would be seen in conjunction with the HydraFacial treatments. During these Rosie was able to extract the impurities and reduce the inflammation of his acne.   


We both noticed a difference after one treatment and, after the course of six together with the products, his skin was transformed.  He still uses the Obagi Clenziderm but now has a HydraFacial when he is back from university which is about every 6-8 weeks.  Countless thanks to Saira and Rosie - he's like a different person.