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Duncan Long

Operations Director

Duncan has been looking after clients at Waterhouse Young since our launch. He moved into the field of aesthetics from a hospitality background and is also a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor. Duncan has a strong passion for customer care and creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in his approach. Duncan gets to know all of our clients and builds lasting relationships with them, making sure they feel comfortable and know that they are in safe hands. Duncan recognises that everybody has their own needs and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Q&A with Duncan

What does ‘honest ageing’ mean to you?

I believe ageing is inevitable and is actually something that we should embrace as a process as we evolve through our lives. That said, today we have so many resources available to us that can help us slow down the effects of ageing both internally and in our appearance too. Honest Ageing is about looking and feeling the best that we can for the age that we are.

What is your favourite part of your role at WY?

I take pride in ensuring that our clients have a seamless experience with us and that they are welcomed like old friends. I also love being involved in the planning and evolution of WY so crafting the inclusion of handpicked wellbeing treatments has been very interesting and rewarding.

Why is now the time to have a conscious approach to skin and life?

There are considerable shifts happening universally and I believe that more and more of us are waking up to the truth of authenticity:- who we are and what we are here to be and do. We don’t wish to pretend or mask ourselves anymore and instead we are choosing to celebrate the beauty of who we are – both inside and out.

What is one tweak you have made to your wellbeing routine that has made a big difference in the last year?

Being kinder to myself is an intention I aim to live by and this covers many areas of wellbeing – how I spend my time, how I show up, the treatments and practices that I invest in. Ultimately, I choose to be less hard on myself (although this is life-long learning!)

Your favourite things to do when you are not in the clinic?

I like to get out and about and be active so this includes taking part in retreats, fitness, cycling, travelling..

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