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About us

Waterhouse Young was founded in 2012 by leading cosmetic surgeons Norman Waterhouse and Richard Young. The goal was, and still is, to provide effective, research-backed, non-surgical aesthetic treatments with a focus on natural looking results.

Now, several years (and awards) later, we are a small team of highly skilled experts and enjoy an unrivalled reputation for patient care, built around a personal and considerate approach.

We have a wide treatment portfolio and use the latest technology and skincare products as part of a 360 degree approach to to treatment and aftercare. Patient wellbeing is always our number one priority which means we’ll never carry out a treatment that isn’t right for an individual, and if we can’t help directly we’ll always recommend somebody who can.

Everybody at Waterhouse Young is passionate about their work and love helping people be the best version of themselves. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic – if you’d like to see what to expect, take a look inside here.

What makes WY different?

An unrivalled patient experience

Providing a first class patient experience is absolutely central to how we do things at Waterhouse Young. This starts from the moment you enter the calm and welcoming atmosphere of our clinic and extends to every aspect of our service. As a small team, we are able to get to know our patients and provide a personal, seamless service in a way that larger clinics simply can’t.

Our patients often comment on how friendly and knowledgeable our team is, and that we combine a reassuring professionalism with a welcoming attitude that makes the clinic feel like an oasis of calm – but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can check out our patient testimonials here.

Focus on natural results for ‘honest ageing’

Our focus has always been on providing treatments which produce natural results. We refer to this as ‘honest ageing’ because our non-invasive treatments work to enhance a person’s natural beauty rather than appearing like clear cosmetic changes. Essentially, we help our patients look and feel great as themselves – as the best version of themselves.

Effective, research backed treatments

All of our treatments are supported by research which means everything we do is tried, tested and effective.

Industry leading expertise, technology and techniques

We are a doctor-lead clinic, backed by a team of highly skilled registered aesthetic nurses and practitioners who regularly attend industry leading training events.

All of our new patients benefit from state-of-the-art computerised skin assessment which allows us to tailor our treatments to the individual in a way that isn’t possible from a simple visual assessment.

Treatment plans and aftercare

Our use of computerised technology means that we can take a truly 360 degree approach to skincare. Being able to ’see’ under the skin means that we can pre-empt and treat any issues that haven’t yet appeared on the surface, preserving the skin for the most natural results possible. This also helps us to determine the most effective skincare regime for an individual and provide the right products accordingly.

In addition to our aesthetic treatments, we offer several wellness services as part of our overall focus on patient wellbeing and have a network of trusted partners that we can recommend where appropriate.

So whether you are with us for one treatment or a course, you can rest assured you are in good, caring hands and will walk away confident you have made a difference to your skin.

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