Aesthetics for Men: Concerns and Cures

As a man, you have a specific set of needs for looking and feeling your best, and you do all that you can to meet these needs and stay healthy.

It’s frustrating, then, when there’s that one concern you can’t seem to resolve. Whether you’ve got a bit too much hair and are sick of shaving all the time, or you’ve developed stretched skin from your dedication to weightlifting at the gym, you’ll need a treatment tailored to your body and goals. You may think of aesthetic procedures as purely changing your appearance, but they can actually help with issues like teeth grinding and excessive sweating, too. At Waterhouse Young, we offer aesthetic procedures suited for men’s needs, and we personalise our treatments to provide the results you’re looking for. In this infographic, we take a look at five common concerns that men face and the aesthetic treatments that can cure them.